Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New Zealand vs West Indies Tests Reviewed: Batting

Series Scores first:

Gayle (WIn) 37
Chanderpaul (WIn) 20
Ryder (NZl) 20
McIntosh (NZl) 14
Nash (WIn) 13
Flynn (NZl) 12
Taylor (WIn) 8
Vettori (NZl) 0
McCullum (NZl) - 2
Gillespie (NZl) - 2
Taylor (NZl) - 4
Patel (NZl) - 5
How (NZl) - 5
Baker (WIn) - 5
Chattergoon (WIn) - 6
Marshall (WIn) - 7
Benn (WIn) - 9
O'Brien (NZl) - 9
Mills (NZl) -10
Powell (WIn) -10
Edwards (WIn) -12
Sarwan (WIn) -12
Ramdin (WIn) -12
Franklin (NZl) -13

The traditional Black Cap strategy for success involves someone like McCullum coming out and blasting the ball over the boundaries for a fifty in short time. Prior to that, they have three or four batsmen come in who just block and block and block, not worrying about the run rate. The gives the blaster the chance to take advantage of an older ball and tired bowlers. Unfortunately, How couldn't quite pull off his planned role, while Ross Taylor didn't defend his wicket well enough, either. Taylor probably wasn't supposed to defend, but How's short stays at the crease left him exposed. They might do better to switch Ryder and Taylor, but given Ryder's temperament that might not be such a good idea, either. Vettori did well. A nought score for a bowler puts him in all-rounder territory. McCullum needs to get rid of that minus.

You might think a 2 from a wicketkeeper like McCullum is not a good score, but look at Ramdin! He's no different to a rabbit coming in at 11 nowadays. While Gayle is man of the series, West Indies' supporters will be looking at Sarwan and thinking about what might have been. His failures were quite disturbing for someone who projects as well as he does. If he gets back on track, it could be 'watch out England'. Chattergoon and Marshall are interchangeable as batsmen, and not really good enough on this showing. However, Marshall's done good work in the field. Plus, he's young, and West Indies' pathetic development programme means he's probably better off getting Test time. I might, just might, consider moving Marshall down the order a little bit. He shows a tendency to want to blast the ball.

On the evidence of this series, I see a rosier future for West Indies than New Zealand at the Test level. Which is sad, because Vettori is an impressive captain, and the Black Caps are the Thinking Fan's Side.

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  1. Good prediction on the West Indies team's prospects! You probably weren't expecting such an emphatic demonstration. How about a prediction of England's future prospects, and were they overachieving or underachieving under Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores.