Thursday, 15 July 2010

Lord's Collapsed

Way back in 2004, Phil and I devised a method of defining what exactly a collapse in cricket was.

The working definition we came up with was:

A collapse occurs when three or more wickets fall for 60 or fewer runs, with no partnership adding more than 35 runs.

Well, looking at the current test at Lord's we see a lot of collapsing going on.

In their first innings, Australia suffered a collapse when wickets 4 through 9 went for 51.

In their first innings, Pakistan never really stopped collapsing:
Collapse #1 Wickets 1-3 54/3;
Collapse #2 Wickets 3-5 29/3;
Collapse #3 Wickets 5-9 58/5;
Collapse #4 Wickets 7-10 31/4.

And then Australia collapsed again in their second innings: Wickets 2-4, 36/3.

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