Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ashes Series' Bowlers Rated

Using my 'series score' system, which adjusts bowlers' statistics for the number of runs scored in the series and the consequent effect of this on the value of wickets taken, we get the following ratings:

Hilfenhaus 28
Broad 16
Siddle 16
Johnson 11
Onions 9
Hauritz 6
Harmison 2
Clark - 4
Katich - 4
Clarke - 5
Collingwood - 5
Bopara - 6
Swann - 7
Watson - 7
North - 8
Panesar -11
Anderson -14
Flintoff -17

England's victory was certainly not won by their bowlers. They were, however, more economical than the Australians, and that may be the key to victory. Swann's series score in particular probably understates his value. In the end, however, the series score is based on taking wickets, and on that basis Onions' score over 5 innings may be worth even more than Broad's score over 8. Onions probably is the most underrated bowler in the side. Flintoff's figure might come as a surprise-but he only took 8 wickets for an average of 52.13. Not a very impressive departure from Test cricket.

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  1. Could you break that down into games England won, draws and games Australia won? I suspect that when England won, they bowled well. Or maybe, Swann and a seamer (Flintoff then Broad) bowled well while the rest of the attack were probably somewhere a bit better than average.

    But when they lost or drew, they weren't anything like as good.