Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Quo Vadis, Andrea?

Some members of the Australian press are in an uproar over their defeat by South Africa at home. Poor Matthew Hayden is under particular pressure, even though my research suggests this season is an outlier for him. The question of there being 'too much cricket' has raised its ugly head again.

I say that selectors should take more of a squad-based approach, and we should have even more cricket. Why not five Tests between South Africa and Australia? Cricket Australia certainly has the depth to exploit longer series, if the journos would put away their 'best XI' attitude. Take a leaf out of baseball's book, use more players and play more. Having a rest for a match should not be a badge of shame, especially for the bowlers. Sabermetrics applied to cricket can help all countries look for talent in their domestic scenes.

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