Thursday, 25 December 2008

Sri Lankan Bowler Projections

These projections are not exclusively for the series against Bangladesh, but are intended give an idea of how well these bowlers are likely to do during the coming year relative to their career averages. They are ordered by projected Strike Rate.

Name          Average        Economy      Strike Rate
Muralitharan 21.92 2.72 48.31
Vaas 30.56 2.96 61.91
Fernando 40.73 3.38 72.38
Maharoof 59.26 3.32 107.11

At this stage it is quite difficult to project several possible bowling options, because of their limited test record. I'll be interested to see who gets picked. I'm still playing around with a 'regression to the mean' element to all this. At the moment I'm getting too much mean in projections for my taste.

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