Friday, 12 February 2010

Conventional Wisdom Wisdom

In the comments to this article it is suggested that conventional wisdom says the best batsmen should be third in the order.

While baseball sabermetrics has challenged the conventional wisdom of the lineup, in cricket my haphazard studies of win expectancy suggest that in test cricket's case the conventional wisdom is absolutely spot on. The crucial wicket to defend are the second and third ones. If the first wicket goes cheaply, it's important that the second one goes for a par score. If the first two wickets go down for not-very-many, it's vital that the third wicket puts up a high score.

Once you're three down and below par, you're in real trouble.

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  1. I always thought that no. 3 position is the main position of Cricket batting, because of that Don Bradman mostly went at no. 3, and also it is the very responsible position, this position have always opportunity to make big innings for team.